Why should you teach your kids to code

Nowadays children learn to use a smartphone even before they start counting. They not only use it to play games but also use different kinds of applications. They can easily change wallpapers, ringtones or even download their favorite games from the application store.

First of all, let us understand how children learn such tasks so easily and quickly without much help from teachers and parents?

How kids learn

The answer is simple. Children pick up any concept easily if it is :
Visual in nature instead of blob of text.
Interactive in nature instead of theoretical.


Both of the above are present when they use a smartphone. This should give us a hint, how to present our lessons to children to maximize their learning.

Coding also falls in the same category. It helps children learn important and valuable life skills without even realizing them. That is one of the many reasons why a parent should think of teaching their children to code.


There are several other promising rationales to convince you that it is not only interesting but also important in the current times. Following are some of the other benefits of coding

Coding For Kids

Getting better at basic Mathematics
Coding involves analyzing the problem at hand and breaking down into smaller subproblems. And solving each subproblem requires attention and patience. Practicing this enables them to overcome the fear of mathematics.

Critical Thinking
Coding involves taking a decision at every line. This naturally makes student critical thinkers. It introduces them to some of the disciplines of STEM.

This is something important. Programming is not a magic wand, that does everything as we order. Instead, you need to pass clear and correct instructions. Failing to do so, the computer doesn't show the result as we expect. It asks us to try different methods continuously. This cycle of trial and error teaches a necessary skill.

Being creative
When children start creating even small things, they get the confidence to do harder things. This quality is very useful in the sense that they'll not become consumers but creators too.

The skill of the future
Last but not least coding is one of the most desired skills of the future.

The benefits are large and the possibilities endless. Choosing not to teach coding will only make their learning curve in the STEM discipline a bit steep. We would recommend you to try because it is really worth giving one!


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