10 Awesome Open-Source Python Projects

Github is home to over 100 million projects and is used by over 40 million developers. It hosts the source code of the project that is shaping the technology world like Linux kernel, Python, TensorFlow, MediaWiki, etc.

In this post, we'll list 10 awesome Python repository on Github. You can visit the source to understand better, how things are designed or how it works under the hood.


It is an extremely popular open-source machine/deep learning framework released by Google. It has 141k stars and 78k commits(on 2/12/20). It provides a complete ecosystem for designing, building and deploying ML-powered applications for any size of the project. It has comprehensive documentation, large community and it's actively developed. Though the majority of the project is written in C++, it has large codebase written in Python too.


It contains implementations of several algorithms and data structures in Python. Some of the examples are - Fermat Little TheoremLu Decomposition, MinimaxKnuth Morris Pratt.

For simplicity, all of the algorithms and data structures are categorized into a broad category - Backtracking, Ciphers, Dynamic Programming, Graphs.

It also contains solutions to problems from the Euler Project.


It hosts hundreds of models and machine learning and deep learning examples built with TensorFlow. It also contains models implemented by the researchers itself, like deep_speech, inceptionautoencoder. It also contains official models for common tasks like image classificationdetection, Attention is All You Need, BERT, etc.


It is a very popular library for machine learning stack. It contains an API for almost all common tasks in a pipeline of machine learning projects, like - Feature preprocessing, Feature Selection, Classifiers, Validation, Metrics, etc.

It has a vast set of API, yet consistent and simple.

OpenAI gym

It is a toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms. It was released and is currently maintained by the OpenAI team. It contains collections of commonly used environments in the reinforcement learning field, like - BipedalWalker, CarRacing, Pendulum, Atari, etc where you can test your own algorithms.


It is a very micro and lightweight Python framework for building web applications. Its API is simple enough to get you started in a 5-minute. It is known for not having an opinionated design and structure. Its simplicity doesn't restrict it to be used in complex and scalable projects.


Django is a full-stack, high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It is packed with several features, that just work. It doesn't provide you complete flexibility. It has comprehensive documentation and a very large community.


It contains a collection of robotics algorithms, especially for autonomous navigation.


Animation engine for explanatory math videos. It is written by Grant Sanderson, creator of 3Blue1Brown - it contains beautiful animated videos for teaching mathematical concepts. It can be used to create animation programmatically.


It is an elegant HTTP library. It is used as a dependency for thousands of projects on Github. As claimed, Requests is the most downloaded Python package.

As you saw, Python projects on open-source are diverse in nature - from data science, animation to robotics and web development. This is just the 10 libraries, there are thousands of awesome projects available on GitHub, which can be used for learning purposes as well as contribution purpose, which will make the open-source world even better.


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