Top programming memes - February 2020

Memes are the talk of the town these days. Most programming memes tend to bring a smile on the face. They try to convey sarcasm and some dark comedy.

Last month, we decided that we are going to start a series where we bring to you the best programming memes every month. These are for the month of February 2020.


Just to be on the same wavelength


Expectation v/s Reality


Document your code

Documentation is important


Source of Truth


3 + "3"

why is javascript not normal



microsoft buys github


Equilibirium for programmers

equilibirium for programmers


Fixing someone else's code

fixing someone else's code


Dark sarcasm

dark sarcasm

These memes in no way are intended to target any person or anything else, these need to be taken in light humor. If you find any one nasty, please inform us.


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