10 Awesome VS Code shortcuts for Linux

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In this article I'll share 10 awesome shortcuts for VS Code. These shortcuts are provided by VS Code itself, so you don't have to install any extension for that. There shortcuts are generally agnostic of the tech stack you're using. So no matter if you're working on Python project, React project or Java project, these shortcuts will work.

1. Ctrl + B - Toggle side bar visiblity

2. Ctrl + P - Go to file (It lists recently visited files on the top)

3. Ctrl + Shift + P - Show all commands

4. Ctrl + Shift + E - Show explorer in the side bar (Ctrl + B - to hide)

5. Ctrl + Shift + F - Show search bar in the side bar for the entire project

Frequently used together:

  • Alt + C - Toggle Case Sensitive Match
  • Alt + W - Toggle Whole Word Match

6. Ctrl + AltShift + - - Go back/forward in the cursor position history (works across file too)

7. Alt + / - Move line (or selected lines) up/down

8. F12 - Go to Definition( Ctrl + click works too)

9. Ctrl + Shift + F10 - Peek definition

10. Ctrl + D - Add next match to selection (Can also be used to select current word)

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